Just-in Trends for Digital Marketing

In-Store Marketing: The Smartphone Revolution has brought in one of the most exciting and promising trends projected to serve over 75% of the Global population. Acting as a bridge between online stores and leisure friendly approach, in-store marketing works on the theory of optimized mobile strategy turning the leads into consumers. Offering lucrative deals and cashbacks have worked wonders while the customer enjoys the facility of being treated as a King.

Interactive approach
A more revamped version of the oldest tricks of the trade, interactive methods. Marketing has always been the sole link between the consumer and the market, and interactive approaches and contents are directed to entertain and impart knowledge about a specific product through fun demonstrations and videos. Acting as an ice-breaker, consumers feel appreciated and take part in conversations where they are neatly seeped in with relevant product information without disturbing the bond. Giving exposure through examples and letting the customer infer from it have boosted marketing in recent years. 

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