Email marketing Channel - Making a come back

Emails are getting their ground back. Email updates, news letters, snapshot updates through email, marketing communications over emails are getting popular again. Most of the surveys done are initiated through email, a survey proves this. Email marketing used to be spammy channel, but its making its comeback and a strong one.

First thing most of the internet users check their emails first in the morning. Emails is a powerful channel to reach customer, retain a customer and maximise the value returns of customer.

Most common complaint from consumers is that they receive too many emails
1. Most of these are spam
2. Most of them are irrelevant
3. Most of them are not from trusted source
4. Most of them are just a source of redirect
5. Unwanted links are pasted into them
6. Unwanted attachments so being moved to spam

Then these questions are coming to my mind

So why EMAIL MARKETING has made come back?

What are the thing wont move your email to spam?

What are the key area to focus when you choose this channel?

What are the technical details to be taken care of?

Best Practices?

Spam filters?

Please add your comments and keep following to get the answers...!


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