Ways to make your Standees/Banners attention grabbing (Best places to keep your standees)

Printing as a technology has existed for many centuries and still manages to dominate the media. There are numerous ways for businesses to increase their sales via means of print ads – namely standees or banners. Standees, if used correctly, can draw a lot of attention from passersby and have a direct impact on sales.

Standees or banners can be printed in different shapes and sizes. A lot of creativity can be used while ensuring that the standee you have chosen is the right one for your business. Banner making is part of graphic design and today’s designers use state of the art technology for your banner to look the best. However, there are certain places where you can make sure that your standee “stands out”.

Outside the store

This is a sure shot but easiest method to make sure that people do not just walk past your establishment. If your business is located in an area with a lot of footfall, walk-ins can be one of the primary methods of roping in customers. In order for them to stop and notice your store, standees can be set up right outside, pointing potentials into the store. These standees can be creative – be it with respect to shape, size or even lights strung around the standee.

Crowded markets

Many people in markets or bazaars come there just to have a look and walk around. This gives businesses a great opportunity to seize their attention and market their products. Standees or banners can be used at market places and it depending on your creativity, it can be placed anywhere strategically. Due to the sheer number of people in bazaars, you are sure to get many people getting a second look at your print ad.

Public Transport

Hoards of people use the public transport on a daily basis. Millions of people use the metro all around the country and even more use buses. Public transport is void time for most people trying to get to their destination and this can be used as an excellent opportunity to place your banners. Ticket counters, bus seats, in-train screens; there are many ways to get creative and make sure that many people are looking at your brand/product on a daily basis.


Nowadays, people around the world are connected through the Internet. Social media and e-commerce websites dominate the internet with the maximum number of people logging on to these kinds of websites. Most, if not all, websites allow for banners to be placed for advertising purposes. Depending on your business, you may choose a website in a similar industry and choose to run your ad there in case the clicks on that website are high. It is definitely a great way to receive like-minded customers who may be very well interested in your product or service.

Printstop is a one-stop shop for all your corporate printing services. There are multiple designs to choose from and banner printing can be done in a jiffy. You can either provide us with custom designs or choose from a wide range of shapes and sizes so that our print meets all the requirements for your standee. It is very important for companies to make sure that the standees or banners they print are of good quality and look professional. We at Printstop strive to provide customers with the best quality standee banner printing so that an unattractive print ad is not the reason why you lose out on business.


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