Performance tuning of Informatica Joiner Transformation

Joiner transformation allows you to join two heterogeneous sources in the Informatica mapping.

We can use joiner transformation when
1. joining two flat files
2. joining Flat File and Database
3. Data sources are coming from different relational connections

we can tune the performance of Informatica joiner transformation is as below:

1. When joining between two data sources, treat the data source containing less number of records as Master. This is because the Cache size of the Joiner transformation depends on master data (unless sorted input with the same source is used).

2. Ensure that both the master and detail input sources are sorted and both “Sorted Input” and “Master Sort Order” ports are checked and set.

3. Check if the Data and Index cache sizes can be configured.

4. we can also create a partition point by using option “Add Partition Point”.

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